Drod - New Approach | LYRICS

I’m steady swimming on the safe side 

Say your life a movie but I’d rather watch paint dry 

All of my accomplishments will fade off in the grey sky 

I am just a ripple in a pond tryna save lives 

Hang tight 

A big decisions what I’m making now 

Seeing my numbers growing momma only sees the bank account 

Tell me that this decade of my twenties is a major route 

Am I flying passively on autopilot 

Normal child 

I’ll take the pencil and jot a rhyme on the instrumental

Not under pressure my writing process is slow and gentle 

I let it go don’t control my life trying be Geppetto 

While people think that the sky is falling like Chicken Little

So if you wanna grow better switch up the game plan

Take a new approach the results will come with patience 

Lotta these artists got numbers faker than spray tans 

I’m tryna get paid on my own road 

For sho’ so 

Hopefully the money will translate 

I know it’s not the leading motive but it’s a great way

To show my own family and supporters that it’s possible to grow up 

Make a living off a dream that’s been inside you as a kid 

So take a little step back 


Enough with all the stressing ‘bout the future 

And detach 

You ain’t gotta worry about the best in your spot or cream of the crop

Comparisons a thief in the night leaving you robbed 

Like yuh