Arrow - Liar | LYRICS

 Written by Arrow

Verse 1

Sinner or a saint who will you be today

Toss the coin in the air tell me what's it say

I don't think that I wanna participate 

Found myself all involved in your masquerade 


I'll give it to you, you played it played it well

Those other numbers I hope they give you hell


Thought that this time would be different

Your out here professing your christian 

Saying one thing living another

Sorry to blow your pretty cover 

With the snap of my fingers it's over 

Something's starting to sound familiar 

Funny how history repeats itself

Even the greatest angel was a 

Liar, Liar, Liar

Verse 2

I think that your lackin’ some self respect 

‘Cuz there’s no other reason to act like that 

That self seeking attitude needs a check 

‘Cuz that sickness is terminal your a mess


Played me like an instrument 

I’m no pro but I think ya need counseling 

I don't mean no disrespect 

But those issues seem deep 

And you might wanna deal with them 

I'm not the last one to write a song 

‘Bout how you strung me along 

And did me wrong 

This seems like a habit 

You might wanna treat it 

If you don't want worse credit 

Then you should just face 

You’re a Liar, Liar, Liar